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P earl Street Fitness is proud to work with DLC to help expand their conditioning and training program.  Bringing the P.S.F. experience to these young athletes will help prepare them mentally and physically for a great lacrosse season.

We are here to build the next generation of


Scott St. John

Owner Pearl Street Fitness & DLC Parent

Pearl Street Fitness - Sports Team Conditioning

Team Sports Conditioning Program


Pearl Street Fitness has been featured

as one of Denver’s “Best Kept Fitness Secrets”

D LC has launched a partnership with Pearl Street Fitness to deliver a positive youth training experience that improves athletic performance while boosting self-confidence and drive. All programs are custom-designed for each age group, with appropriate exercises designed for each level of youth. The pre-season conditioning series will start in March to help prepare athletes for the Spring season. There will be a focus on: speed, agility, endurance, body awareness and coordination, teamwork and positive attitude.  The founders of the fitness studio have over 15 years of experience working with children.

Vision and Mission

Be the BEST YOU!  We believe in building strong, confident, athletes with a positive mind-set that helps them achieve their goals.

Mighty Mites Training

We work with the Mighty Mites to establish a lifetime of healthy habits at a young age.  We introduce a foundation of basic body awareness, develop eye-hand coordination and show them how fitness can be fun.

1st to 3rd Graders Training

This is a critical age to teach functional athletic components in a motivating, team-building atmosphere. We focus on building speed, agility, and coordination through movement-based programs. This age level will meet for pre-season classes.

4th to 8th Graders Training

Outrun opponents, break away from defenders, and perform at your highest level the entire game. Our strengthening program will improve shooting speed and reduce the risk of injury out on the field. Our sport-specific training establishes a base of strength and increases in complexity as each child is ready to progress. This age level will meet for pre-season classes.


Equpiment Packages for Youth Girls

Equpiment Packages for Youth Boys


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